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A Living Death
Warning **SPOILERS** ahead.
Read on if you know what I'm talking about, and if you are okay with me "spoiling" some things for you.
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In this chapter, Nikita portrays a strong, independant female, who can take care of herself out on the streets. I extremely like the flash of her eating a large peice of pizza because it proves that even beautiful women don't have to just eat carrot sticks to maintain their image. Being against diets, at least when it comes to myself personally, that image played a great deal in my mind and I applaud the editors for leaving it in the final cut. I was quite surprised by the way she acted when she is first seen in Section. She is disoriented, and extremely afraid, which I suppose is understandable given her circumstances, but I pictured her as a more strong-willed and stubborn type. Not a cower-in-the-corner and cry type. But, who knows, maybe her time in prison broke her. She does show a little bit of strength again when she attacks Michael from behind, so the scene isn't a total bust.

What I don't agree with was having Nikita smoke. Why is it that so often that television and films use cigarettes to show a person's strength? The real strength of a person could be better assessed by concidering a person able to quit the habit.

As for Michael, he hinders her by over powering her in Section, but right away helps her by teaching her to go for the kidneys when attacking a person from behind -- "It disables, and they can't fight back."